Sixt Leasing expands internet-based fleet management


  • Innovative functions improve the CO2 balance of the fleet
  • Enhanced transparency, reduced pollution, lower costs

Pullach, March 26, 2008 - Sixt Leasing AG, one of the largest leasing companies independent from banks and manufacturers, has expanded its internet-based "LeasingCenter" and "FleetControl" fleet management systems. Effective immediately, fleet managers can document carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for the vehicle fleet as well as reducing emissions through an innovative incentive system. Reducing pollution leads to significant tax savings for companies.

"LeasingCenter" promotes a low-emission fleet:

The "LeasingCenter" management program from Sixt Leasing allows employees entitled to a company car to configure and order their desired vehicle online. Specific car policies of each company are taken into account by the system.
An expanded configurator is now able to limit the selection of vehicles to those that do not exceed a specific CO2 emission level. Alternatively, the system can also pre-select vehicles based on fuel consumption.
If the employer so desires, the "LeasingCenter" can also introduce an innovative bonus-malus system in order to motivate employees to select a low-emission company car.
First, the employer establishes a bonus or malus for specific carbon dioxide values. When an employee selects a vehicle with low CO2 emissions, he or she receives a bonus on the company-sponsored lease rate from the employer. This reduces the portion the employee has to pay out of pocket. Conversely, the employee contribution increases when a vehicle with a high CO2 value is selected. In this case, a malus is automatically calculated on the company-sponsored lease rate.
The company-specific bonus-malus rules are stored in the "LeasingCenter" so that calculations of the employee payment with the corresponding bonus or malus are automated according to vehicle carbon dioxide emissions. This innovative solution allows companies to motivate their employees, encouraging them to switch to environmentally friendly company cars.

Transparency with "FleetControl":

"FleetControl" is the online reporting tool for fleet managers offered by Sixt Leasing. As a result of enhancements, it is now possible to track the CO2 balance of each vehicle and the entire fleet. The new report calculates total CO2 emissions to date, based on the current mileage for each vehicle. It is also possible to forecast total carbon dioxide emissions by the end of the contract term. These enhanced reporting options support transparency regarding the CO2 values of the vehicle fleet.

Jörg Martin Grünberg, Chief Sales & Distribution Officer Sixt Leasing AG: "The strength of Sixt Leasing is based on our comprehensive fleet management services, which are always being enhanced with innovative solutions. Our new online applications prove the point: They offer fleet managers a comprehensive package for environmentally friendly fleet management and reduced consumption. As a result, total mobility costs for the company are also decreased significantly."

About Sixt:

Sixt AG, based in Pullach near Munich, is an international provider of high-quality mobility services. Together with its licensees and partners the Company, which was founded in 1912, is present in over 85 countries with 3,500 service points. Sixt is the market leader in car rental in Germany and Austria, and one of the largest vendor-neutral full-service leasing providers. The Sixt Group generated revenue of EUR 1.4 billion in 2006 and employs approximately 2,200 people worldwide (excluding licensee

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